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Celebrate the occasion by ordering top 3 best flavoured cake.

Celebrate the occasion by ordering top 3 best flavoured cake.

New Year is around the corner, and many people have already started to plan for their new year’s eve. Have you started your planning yet? At NRIgifting you will find the perfect gift to share with your loved ones on new years eve. At NRIgifting you can find tons of gifts to share with your family, friends, loved ones, etc. May it be New years eve or any other special occasion, the most demand is for the cakes. Who doesn’t love cakes? You can find the best flavoured cake at the NRIgifting site. We deal not only in Egg-based cakes, but we also have eggless cakes.

Don’t shy away from celebrating a special occasion with your close ones even if they are miles apart from you. NRIgifting now delivers the best flavour in cakes to the USA, Canada, and other countries too. Don’t let distance hinder your celebration, surprise your close ones by sending them the best flavour of cakes, gifts, etc. 

May it be a birthday, anniversary, promotion, or any other special occasion visit our website for cakes and gifts and send it to your loved ones on their special day. NRIgifting has a plethora of flavours for cakes to celebrate the special occasion. 

    How to order cakes from NRIgifting 

Well ordering from NRIgifting is not a hectic task to do, one can simply put an order for their cakes by following these simple steps; 

  • Head right over to our website for a wide variety of beautiful gifting ranges.
  • Next up, just look for the category you want to shop from. 
  • Add the item to your cart and fill in the basic details about the address and the place you want to end the gift. 
  • Pay the total amount and void!
  • Your delicious treat is on the way.

Follow up these simple steps to order delicious cakes from

Now you can get online delivery of cakes as well as send them to any part of India, USA, Canada, or any other country and surprise your close ones on their special day. When you order your cake from NRigifting you not only get a wide range of the best flavours of cake to choose from but NRIgifting also promises to deliver the most delicious cake flavours on time.  

Types of cakes 

There are various types of cakes to choose from at our site. These cakes are hygienic. Some of the types of cakes are mentioned below:

Simple cakes

We at NRIgifting have a variety of cakes to choose from. These cakes include Black forest cake, Chocolaty cake, Strawberry cake, Butterscotch cake, Vanilla cake, and other flavors of cakes. Chocolate and square Butterscotch are the most delicious cake flavours.

Cakes accompanied with roses 

Cakes accompanied by a bunch of roses for your loved ones on their special occasion, These cakes are famous as anniversary packs. Send roses to your loved ones with cakes. Varieties of cakes with different types of roses are available at NRIgifting

Cake assorted with a bouquet of roses and chocolates.

Who doesn’t love chocolates? Chocolates with cake and a bouquet of roses are a perfect combination of cake to send to your loved ones. Different combinations of cakes can be purchased from NRIgifting. 

Surprising combo for loved ones.

A surprising combo for loved ones consists of a Cake, Teddy bear, Ferrero Rocher chocolate, and a bouquet of roses in a round basket all combined. This is one of the popular combinations for cakes to surprise your loved ones.

These are some combinations with cakes, there are many more collections of such on  

There is also a varied range of cakes present for Birthdays and Anniversaries. 

Some of the best cake flavours for birthdays include Cookies and Cream cheesecakes, Lemon coconut cake, Fresh fruit cake, Birthday chocolate treat cake, and Exotic strawberry cake. 

While the best cake flavours for anniversary consist of Red velvet cake, New york cheesecake, Mini assorted gourmet cupcakes, and Viennese coffee cake- cinnamon.

Alongside this, NRIgifting also provides a wide variety of the best flavour combination of cakes to choose from for its consumers. 

A wide variety of cakes and their combinations to choose from is provided at NRIgifting. So now you have all the necessary details to send the best flavoured cakes, may it be anniversary cakes, birthday cakes, wedding cakes we have it all; So, why wait? Visit our website and send the most delicious flavoured cake to your loved ones on their special occasion even if they are miles away from you living in the USA, Canada, UAE, and other countries.

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