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Himalayan Organic And Forest Honey


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         Himalayan Organic And Forest Honey

  • Echinacea LemongrassNow experience the fgoodness of Herbal infusions in 14 tea bag boxes from our exclusive and special collection at our online store . They made with a mixtures of dried leaves, stems, grasses, barks, fruits and flowers that give them their taste and provide the benefits of herbal teas.
    Himalayan Echinacea, Lemongrass
    Herbal infusions are caffeine free and offer many health benefits, depending on the various ingredients used.
    Our selected herbs are chemecial free.All the tea bags used are non-bleached paper, with no pin and use only food grade ink.
    Instruction for use: bring water to boil, pour over tea bag, allow to steep for 5 minutes or according to taste.
    The ingredients of our infusions are farmed in the remote villages of the Kumaon Himalaya.
  • Forest Honey-At Uttarakhand Hemp experience the delicious, cold-filtered raw honey collected from small-scale bee keepers in the forests of Uttarakhand. Please note that pure honey will crystallize at low temperatures.Rich in antioxidnts, it helps lower blood pressure. Also know to reduce cholestrol.
    Our Health food range are free from the highly toxic pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and growth hormones used in intensive farming and they are also free of artificial colourings, flavourings, additives, sweeteners and the thousands of other unwanted and unnecessary chemicals used in food.

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