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Our Top 5 Best-Selling Handmade Cakes

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Nrigifting Offers the best handmade cakes where you can achieve your desired taste.
And not only these 5 we offer so much more including cakes and many more. Send cakes online with Nrigifting

Black and White Mousse Cake:
This decadent, two-layered chocolate cake is a mix of whipped buttercream and chocolate cream, and then coated in a thick layer of dark chocolate fudge frosting? talk about icing on the cake! For the final, decorative touch, the black and white mousse cake is then embellished with white chocolate drizzles and shavings. Send Gifts to New Jersey that serve 6-8 people. 7 inches in diameter and is shipped in refrigerated packaging.

Carrot Cake:

Freshness is in every bite of this rich carrot cake. Freshly grated carrots and plump golden raisins adorn the delectable spice cake. Two moist layers of cake are joined with a delectably smooth cream cheese frosting and topped with crisp walnuts around the edges! Send Birthday Gifts in an elegant gift box, complete with a personalized greeting card. 6 to 8 people It measures 7 inches in diameter and comes in refrigerated packaging. Send Gifts to Boston and all over the United States.

Chocolate Mousse Torte Cake:
Filled with luscious chocolate whipped cream mousse, covered with milk chocolate frosting and a dark chocolate glaze. This best-selling delight is then garnished with fudge rosettes and dark chocolate shavings. Send Gifts for Anniversary with a Personalized Greeting Card. 7 inches, this chocolate mousse torte cake serves 6-8 people. Send Gifts to California!

New York Cheesecake:
Our New York Cheesecake is made with a delectably rich combination of cream cheese and Neufchatel cheese that will delight your taste buds. A soft, buttery graham cracker crust sits beneath the thick layer of cheesecake. Every delectable bite is a truly divine experience that will leave recipients wanting more. Send Gifts to the United States, Louisiana, and New Jersey! presented in an elegant gift box for 6 to 8 people It measures 7 inches in diameter and comes in refrigerated packaging.

Red Velvet Chocolate Cake:
A truly decadent Southern classic, with two rich layers of red chocolate cake, filled and topped with the finest, pure cream cheese frosting, and then garnished with white chocolate shavings around the sides. Cake delivery in Illinois, Gifts for Anniversary in California, and throughout the United States that include a Greeting Card and are packaged in a one-of-a-kind gift box! 6 to 8 people It measures 7 inches in diameter and comes in refrigerated packaging.

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